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ODIA is a full service creative agency. We are a collective of forward thinking, passionate individuals who believe that the best solutions are created when strategy informs creativity. We believe that above all else our clients deserve to be heard. We have developed an excellent team, four executives and eight creatives strong. At ODIA, we are passionate about our clients' futures. Through a combination of market research and strategy, our executive team work to uncover actionable insights. Our creative team work to bring these insights to life in a manner that best serves the communication needs of our clients. At ODIA we create strategies to help our clients bring their visions to life. At ODIA, we strive to create what others only imagine.
The team
Bishop Street and Bride Street, two streets for which our agency is named, converging at one corner of the DIT campus where the agency was founded. We believe that research is the key to unlocking truth, and that truth is the key to unlocking great creative work. Maintaining this connection between research and creative ensures that the agency’s output constantly works towards serving our clients’ messaging goals. We are an idea-led agency. We believe that a great idea will find a home in the channel that best serves the message and the communication needs of the client. The name ‘Bishop & Bride’ suggests a combination of different personalities, perspectives, and skills. We believe that great work is produced by our differences and contrasts, in the space where clash meets collaboration.
The team

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